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Because The Internet, in Retrospect

Because The Internet, in Retrospect

DGDropping at the end of 2013, on December 6th 2013, the multi-talented Donald Glover released his second studio album, Because the Internet,under his rapping pseudonym: Childish Gambino. The album falls under an hour long and was produced almost entirely by himself and usual collaborator Ludwig Goransson. This isn’t going to be a review of the album, but more of a look back on what made it such a…

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K. Sparks interview

SMALL ksparks-vintageart

Hip hop is an art. K. Sparks reminds us about this with his new project, “Vintage art“. After reviewing the project (which is going in my top 5 of the year), I decided to get him to pick up his paint brush again and give him another canvas to illustrate his thoughts behind the project.

Chican George: What’s brewing with K. Sparks?

K. Sparks: Presently I’m promoting my album Vintage Art doing a…

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Liym Courteous - Good Darts [Prod. SickSiah]

Liym Courteous – Good Darts [Prod. SickSiah]

The independent grind is not easy. I personally know this working with Liym on perfecting his sound, planning releases, scheduling studio sessions, etc. Good Darts is Liym doing what he does best; creating that classic hip hop sound, dropping gems and doing it smoother than any new artist. Sailboat Casual is coming, enjoy Good Darts and Float Pamphlet in the meantime.…

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