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TDE’s Mid-Year Check-In

TDE’s Mid-Year Check-In


At the end of last year the hip-hop community got some pretty exciting news from TDE CEO Top Dawg, tweeting that the buzzworthy label would drop six projects in 2014. Well, half the year has passed and we have received four out of the six projects so I wanted to do a mid-year check-in on how I feel about the projects so far and make some predictions on what to expect for the rest of the year.


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"We Living In These Dark Times" by Uncommon Nasa

“We Living In These Dark Times” by Uncommon Nasa

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the horrible murder (YES, I said MURDER) of Eric Garner on the streets of New York City by the NYPD. If not, I urge you to do a simple Google search and read up on what transpired. Not so you can have a light bit of gossip for your day…but so you can truly understand just how dangerous it is out here. It’s bad enough that we fear for our…

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Catch the full Barrel Brother’s review tonight on the Dead End Hip Hop YouTube channel! Edited by @cpenso #skyzoo #torae

Catch the full Barrel Brother’s review tonight on the Dead End Hip Hop YouTube channel! Edited by @cpenso #skyzoo #torae

Album Review: The Art of Chill - Nitty Scott, MC

Album Review: The Art of Chill – Nitty Scott, MC

nitty scott
The first time I heard Nitty Scott, MC spit bars was on a promotional single she released a couple years ago entitled “Bullshit Rap”. It was a cool teaser laced with decent lyrics and boom-bap production courtesy of Super E. In short, I was digging Nitty’s vibe and thought she had potential.

In May 2014, the Brooklyn, NY native finally released her proper debut The Art of Chill. Throughout this…

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Album Review: Kid Vishis - Timing is Everything


Detroit has graced our ears with a number of wonderful things in the world of hip hop with the self-proclaimed rap god, Eminem, being one of the motor city’s biggest discoveries. While slaying the game and eventually becoming the most successful artist of the 2000′s decade, Eminem started his own record label and signed the superground group Slaughterhouse in 2011. Since then the members of…

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Review: Blu x DJ Bombay “Good To Be Home”

Review: Blu x DJ Bombay “Good To Be Home”


Myself along with a lot of other underground hip-hop heads have a love/hate relationship with Blu. Now there is fault both from the fan standpoint and artist standpoint. I don’t have to even mention that most consider “Below the Heavens” to be Blu’s best project. After that though is where fans start to have different opinions on the emcee. With Blu’s last project “York”he was rhyming over way…

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Zuke Saga: “Meltdpzza”

A while back I gave you guys J’Von and LAKIM’s free EP “Left”. Apparently J’Von has a whole crew that goes by the name of Dex Dynamite Saga.